Career opportunities never shined brighter than they do today for young people with practical analytical skills and mechanical aptitudes. Core Plus is a new initiative in the State of Washington that enables students to develop these talents – whether they are bound for universities, or need a job first thing out of high school.

This site introduces you to Core Plus. It includes two videos – one, highlighting students, the other shows input from educators regarding the potential to use Core Plus to link learning experiences from middle school to high school to post-secondary learning options.

Use other parts of this site to learn Core Plus locations, and how students, parents, teachers and businesses can get engaged.

For more information, contact Christine Jones at; Tory Gering, at, or MIC Executive Director Dave Gering, 206-762-2470.


Education Gears Up

Age 17, Carlos has a sense of urgency about his high school career because he’ll most likely need to find a job as soon as he graduates. That’s why he was so happy to find the Core Plus program based at Rainier Beach High School in Seattle.

“I wish I could …

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