Core Plus | Core Plus Programs For Washington State High School Students | Trade School Training
Core Plus helps students across Washington State learn to build airplanes, boats, buildings- and their futures. This site connects you with Core Plus programs, teachers, employers, opportunities and resources.
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About Core Plus

A decade ago, the Manufacturing Industrial Council members started to worry about the skilled workforce shortage.  With eager members like the Boeing Company; the MIC hired a consultant to work with an array of industry employers to pin-point desired KSAs.

From there, the MIC developed a 2-year program with OSPI where the transferrable skill sets – like precision measuring, SOPs, fastening – would be taught in the first year, as the Core.  Then skills specific to a trade would be taught in the second year, the Plus.

In 2014; Boeing created the first round of written curriculum:  Aircraft Manufacturing.  Although focused on aerospace, the curriculum has been adopted to all different types of classrooms; from welding to auto mechanics to boat building.

Now Core Plus is taught at 50 classrooms across the state, with over 2,000 students eager to join the workforce.  It has been approved for Science, Math and Language Arts equivalencies.  Maritime technology and Construction are developing.