Core Plus | Industrial Businesses Across Washington State Contributed to Core Plus
If you or your business want to get involved, contact the Manufacturing Industrial Council (MIC) at 206-762-2470. Contributions help fund the written curriculum, industry validation, staff support, field trips and program development.
MIC, Boeing
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Industry Support

Core Plus has been an industry driven effort since day one.  If you are an employer who wants to get involved, the MIC can help.  We know businesses are busy, we know teachers are busy.  We are here to provide meaningful relationships between K12 education and industry.

The MIC works with industrial teachers and employers all the time.  If you would like to connect with local classrooms, call 206-762-2470.

Need new hires and want to be a part of the Employer Guide?  Highlight your company to hundreds of students in our network!  Fill out this form and send it to Tory Gering at  She will follow up to schedule a meeting and/or classroom visit.