Core Plus | Core Plus Programs For Washington State High School Students | Trade School Training
Core Plus helps students across Washington State learn to build airplanes, boats, buildings- and their futures. This site connects you with Core Plus programs, teachers, employers, opportunities and resources.
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Written Curriculum, Professional Development and Industrial Support

Core Plus is a two-year, written curriculum for high school industrial arts instructors.  The Core is 1st year foundational skills like safety and tool use, the Plus represents sector-specific skill sets.

The Manufacturing Industrial Council oversees statewide Core Plus legislative issues, the Core Plus steering committee, employer engagement programs, teacher, company and student surveying as well as Maritime curriculum implementation.

The Boeing Company generously wrote and donated the first round of curriculum on Aircraft Manufacturing to the State of Washington in 2014.  The first year “Core” was approved for Math Science and Language Arts credit by the State Board of Education and OSPI.

The curriculum is highly replicable, allowing for the development of Core Plus Maritime and Core Plus Construction.  AGC is underway creating Core Plus Construction.

Written curriculum allowed Core Plus to go from 12 schools in 2012, to 60 schools in 2018.  Instructors apply for start-up or maintenance grants through OSPI.  Grants provide funds for classroom equipment and professional development.  Core Plus has many training opportunities and workshops throughout the year available for instructors, managers, directors and employers.  This ensures our teachers are providing the right math, science and language arts requirements as well as meeting industry standards.