Core Plus | Core Plus Programs For Washington State High School Students | Trade School Training
Core Plus helps students across Washington State learn to build airplanes, boats, buildings- and their futures. This site connects you with Core Plus programs, teachers, employers, opportunities and resources.
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Core Plus provides high school shop instructors Written Curriculum, Professional Development and Industrial Support.

Written Curriculum

The Manufacturing Industrial Council partnered with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instructor a decade ago to address the foreseen skilled trades workforce shortage.  A team of employers and consultants worked together for 1 year to pin-point the KSAs (knowledge, skills and abilities) companies sought in entry level employees.  The “Core” emphasizes the agreed-upon KSA’s in safety and basic shop skills; the “Plus” is more sector-specific.

In 2014, the Boeing Company donated the first round of Core Plus curriculum for aircraft manufacturing.  Written curriculum allowed for credit equivalencies in Math, Science and Language Arts.  There is a Core Plus Maritime curriculum underway by the MIC with support from the Port of Seattle.  AGC is working on Core Plus Construction.

Professional Development

Core Plus is supported by the state and industry partners to provide on-going professional development to Core Instructors throughout the year.  Training could be with Boeing Instructors at the 737 plant; National Guardsmen and a boom crane to better understand pneumatics and hydraulics; or a summer material science camp with the Andy Nydam.

Industrial Support

The MIC, OSPI, and the Boeing Company have worked tirelessly together for years to strategize and implement ongoing support for Core Plus through curriculum, employer engagement, internships, field trips, legislative asks, funding efforts, student and teacher assessments; etc.  As the classrooms continue to grow, so does industrial support.  If you are an employer and want to join Core Plus efforts, contact the MIC at 206-762-2470.  If you want to become a Core Plus classroom, contact OSPI at 360-725-6239.