Core Plus | How Core Plus Started? | Steering Committee & Sponsors
Core Plus was initially developed through a partnership between staff from the Washington State Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction (OSPI), the Manufacturing Industrial Council (MIC) and The Boeing Company.
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Steering Committee

Dave Gering, Manufacturing Industrial Council

 Becky Wallace, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

 Michelle Burreson, The Boeing Company

 Kathryn Hobbs, Washington State Parent Teacher Association

 Andy Nydam, STEM Consultant

 Larry Brown, Machinist Union Local 751

  Scott Anderson, CSR Marine

  Major Mike Monaghan, WA National Guard

  Peter Schrappen, Northwest Marine Trade Association

  Andrea Anderson, Labor and Industries

  Diane Kocer, Associated General Contractors 

 Mark Halvorson, WALECET

Staff Support

Sarah Patterson, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

OSPI Program Manager

 Tory Gering, Manufacturing Industrial Council of Seattle

MIC Program Manager

 Andy Nydam

Professional Development &  Curriculum Expert

  Dan Parker, The Boeing Company

Workforce Development

 Annie Laurie Armstrong

Program Evaluation and Research

 De Armas Video LLC, Michael Glass, Deb McCarroll

Video and Web Production, Graphic Design