Core Plus | How Core Plus Started? | Steering Committee & Sponsors
Core Plus was initially developed through a partnership between staff from the Washington State Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction (OSPI), the Manufacturing Industrial Council (MIC) and The Boeing Company.
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OSPI has been awarding $450,000/year to new Core Plus classrooms since 2012.  OSPI approves curriculum, frameworks, grants, and facilitates teacher training.

The MIC manages the Steering Committee, curriculum and program development.  It also provides industry support to teachers and students.

Boeing wrote the first Core Plus curriculum, Aircraft Manufacturing.  Written curriculum allows for credit equivalency, professional development and industry certificates.  Thanks to their curriculum, Core Plus was credited for Math, Science and Language Arts.  Picture

The Port of Seattle financially supports maritime curriculum and have implemented internship programs in Seattle providing jobs to Core Plus students

The Northwest Marine Trade Association has provided funding for the development of the maritime curriculum and professional development.  In partnership with the MIC, they will host annual teacher trainings at the Seattle Boat Show.

The Washington Army National Guard provides field trips, in-school field days, guest speaking, team building.  To take advantage of those opportunities, call the MIC 206-762-2470.